A Brief Summary of Life Coaching

It sometimes takes going through a lot of life changes before finding your passion or purpose.

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What Does Space Organization & Declutter Actually Involve?

We believe it is about going back to basics, loving, appreciating and using what you already have.

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Ayurvedic Body Type: Find Your Dosha

According to ayurveda, each of us has a unique mix of three mind and body principles, which creates our specific mental and physical characteristics. These three principles are called doshas.

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Wardrobes & Closets

Wardrobes and closets are a very important space in need of decluttering and needing special attention including unique personal styling guidelines.

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The book must of necessity be put into a bookcase. And the bookcase must be housed. And the house must be kept. And the library must be dusted, must be arranged, should be catalogued.

William Gladstone

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